we have reached an era of unprecedented inequality. a moment of social and economic threat, in which liberal rights and public welfare are challenged by populism and the rise of super wealth. the rich have never been richer... abject poverty is still widespread in developing countries and homelessness in some of the world’s most successful global cities keeps rising.

an increasingly connected world is making us less connected to each other and driving the importance of professed values over real values. ‘socail’ and ‘independent’ technology companies profess to give power to the people, but they are in fact feeding the elite monopoly and subversively editing global conversation.

economies are supported by the private sector, to create jobs and deliver income but there is no visibility as to how this wealth is distributed and who it really benefits on the bottom line. in order to create an effective democracy, you have to address inequality. but an equal society doesn’t benefit a capitalistic economy - so the problem continues, unresolved.

tireless work has been done since the late 1960s to address independence, liberty and inequality as a global conversation. the balance now seems to be tipping, we’re regressing. we’re in an increasingly vicious cycle of wealth and power. it’s time to brake it, reverse and change direction.

time to create an alternative, to forge a new path.

the global happiness report defines six key variables that have been found to support wellbeing: income, healthy life expectancy, social support, freedom, trust and generosity. six key variables that guide keepod’s work.