keepod is a technology firm formed to build products that could help shift the singular economic agenda from one that is private, self-interested and materialistic to one that is equal, socially supportive, healthy and universally beneficial.
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we have reached an era of unprecedented inequality. a moment of social and economic threat, in which liberal rights and public welfare are challenged by populism and the rise of super wealth. the rich have never been richer... abject poverty is still widespread in developing countries and homelessness in some of the world’s most successful global cities keeps rising. read more.
the story of keepod is something people have always found interesting. it’s the entrepreneurial dream. a firm born from the attitude/spirit of it’s founders nissan and franky, two entrepreneurs considered sometimes too rebellious and too fringe, but embody a story of growth and evolution. read more
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you‘ll be an early member of a small team developing and driving large-scale adoption of technologies for an open and ethically driven public. 
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