history. nissan grew up in the '90s between the suburbs of milan and tel aviv. being the son of an italian family of musicians and anarchists set the tone to create a style and attitude that stood out. everything was very raw in israel during those days: the '90s music, alternative culture, terror, and politics.

on the other side of the mediterranean sea, franky grew up in a suburb of milan. as a middle child during the economic boom of the italian middle class, franky was absolutely wild and creative. everything was very diy: graffiti, skateboarding, bmx, emphasizing your style, experimenting, refusing, and disobeying.
nissan built a reputation as a cybersecurity expert. franky worked as a photographer with extreme sports brands, musicians, and artists. they both kept an active life in their local underground scenes, shaping their style and creative process.

in the early 2000s, nissan moved to milan. challenging the traditional italian ways, he introduced new technologies and used milan as his very own research lab. in 2008, he started a new experimental product called keepod, a smart encrypted usb device. he was never satisfied; the product continuously changed and evolved. from these trials and errors, the keepod we know today was created.
in late 2008, nissan met franky at a sonic youth concert in milan. a friendship and a vision were instantly formed and franky joined the company.

in 2014, they saw a new opportunity. they realized how beneficial keepod could be to bridge the digital divide in low-income communities. they dropped everything and traveled to different areas around the world to learn the flaws in other methods trying to serve underdeveloped communities with access to technology and gradually built the keepod product based on their experiences. a successful crowdfunding campaign got keepod visibility on media outlets across the globe. before long, nissan and franky started deploying keepod in different areas, experimenting, and refining the idea.
fast-forward to today, keepod has grown to deliver products that are unique in their approach, style, history, and quality. nissan and franky received multiple awards and recognition for their work, but more importantly, their vision is surviving the test of time.​​​​​​​ and when the collaboration feels right, keepod continues to create experiences with like-minded brands and artists.
what started as a product created to fit the specific needs of privacy and security has grown into a product line that empowers and inspires communities and people all over the world. watch closely over the next years as keepod continues to build its name as a revolutionary firm for a new generation of technology users.