• it's been 40 years.. time to rethink personal computing

    this is how we should use a pc

what is keepod?

keepod is an operating system for smart people. unlike most of the operating systems you've used before, keepod is private and it runs from a removable usb device.

keepod is simple. you don't have to install anything on your computer and you leave no trace behind when you are done.

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who needs keepod?

want to save money? care about privacy? want to reuse an old pc? excited about new technologies? want to use your work pc for private stuff? sharing a pc with other family members? working from home? always wanted to try linux? 

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make your own keepod for free.

you may download a copy of the keepod os and use it privately. don’t try to make money off of this download; there is no legal way to use it to make money. the pdf includes system requirements, download link and install instructions.

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you can get ready to use keepod devices with the latest keepod os directly at the keepod store. our devices are built at such a high quality that they band reality. they are so fast that they outpace most top-shelf usb flash drive brands available today. we love limited editions so, keep your eyes open.

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leave no trace.

for the last 40 years we've been using pc's the same way. yes, they are more capable, portable and connected - but the idea of melting down an operating system together with our data on such fragile device is just silly. it's what makes pc's so vulnerable, easy to spy on, complicated and expensive. yes, expensive! big tech companies are loving this. but, when you separate your digital soul from the digital buddy, the future looks amazing. 

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ʻʻ it’s way too cool to care ʼʼ

- fast company

ʻʻ dazzles with its overwhelming simplicity. ʼʼ

- el mundo

ʻʻ wasting $40,000 to reinvent linux on a stick.ʼʼ

- ictworks

ʻʻ a possible solution to bridging the digital divide. ʼʼ

- bbc

ʻʻ put the 'turbo' in an old pc. ʼʼ

- corriere della sera