the best os is in your pocket.

say hello to keepod. a pocketable os for those of us without a computer science degree.


what is keepod?

keepod is a powerful and secure os that runs from a removable usb device. you don't have to install anything on your computer and you leave no trace behind when you are done.

who needs keepod?

want to reuse an old pc? care about privacy? working from home? want to use your work pc for private stuff? sharing a pc with other family members? excited about new technologies? Just a few freaking good arguments why you should get onboard..

your private pc on any pc

start keepod on any computer completely bypassing the local os and hard drive. it’s a complete private operating system designed to be used from the usb device independently of the computer's original operating system so anything you do inside keepod, stays inside keepod. all ready to use, no configurations required. we said it, it's simple.

be invisible.

leave no trace.

enjoy freedom.

think radical.

free for everyone

keepod is an independent team. we are not tied to any major tech companies, foundations or investors. there are no hidden revenue models, no ads, no affiliate marketers, and no creepy tracking in keepod. our development is self sustained trough our online store and supported by contributions from people like you.

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save 75% on keepod with our education pricing.

available to education and non-profit organisations.

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ʻʻ it’s way too cool to care ʼʼ

- fast company

ʻʻ dazzles with its overwhelming simplicity. ʼʼ

- el mundo

ʻʻ wasting $40,000 to reinvent linux on a stick.ʼʼ

- ictworks

ʻʻ a possible solution to bridging the digital divide. ʼʼ

- bbc

ʻʻ put the 'turbo' in an old pc. ʼʼ

- corriere della sera