A $7 PC technology that recycles old computers to work like new. Alive in more then 25 countries, Keepod is independent, open and impact driven. 

We created the worlds must affordable PC. 
And we've been giving it to students in more then 25 countries around the world. 100% independent, private, and free from influence, we are making huge impact.

Access to free information is a fundamental human right that can help people make better decisions for themselves and for our planet.
We can continue to do baby steps by marching our well fed streets or, understand that the absolute majority of the world is ignorant about critical emergencies. Our only chance for a massive change is rooted in the education of the unserved next generation.

Anytime you buy a Keepod product, we give a PC to a student living in a low income community. 1 to 1 for every single product sold. We execute projects with no need to ask for donations, grants or investments from slow dinosaurs. We manage our projects directly so every dollar gets to the right place. 


Wake up! We've been watching big tech and numerous organisations trying to 'solve' digital divide by continuously cultivating outdated paradigms or, even worst, exploiting the 'poverty' card. Our starting points:

// The ‘computer per person’ approach barely makes a dent in the incredible demand. It is simply impossible to manufacture a laptop per person.

// ‘Mobile First’ is not a realistic solution for a quality educational experience. Its a cheap manipulation driven by commercial agendas with dangerous outcomes to society in general and youth specifically.

// The distribution of devices such as smartphones and tablets introduce safety concerns to young students. In communities where people earn less then $2 a day, its unimaginable to think a $100 digital device is not putting a young child at risk.

// About 100,000 computers are thrown away every single day in the western world. Many of them can be used and recycled. This culture of waste and damage to our plant is unacceptable and should be a key starting point to anyone trying to solve digital divide.

// The commercial culture of mass surveillance, big data analysis and AI decision making is not a legitimate proposition. Your data is private and you are not a product. Big tech companies offering 'free' services so they can harvest your data or bomb you with advertisements are not going to save the planet and are not a legitimate partner. Only a privacy first solution can be offered to the next generation.  

It is obvious that if we want to actually solve this problem, we need to stop and change radically the way we approach things. And with this in mind, we created Keepod. 

The Keepod USB device transforms old computers to work like new. Open source, private, secure, and extremely affordable. By separating the hardware (body) from the software (digital soul) as a standard, Keepod rethinks how computers are used and creates a way that can scale and deliver computer access to students all over the world. 

Private. The operating system, files, apps, and all other aspects of the user digital world/soul are placed on a private and secure USB drive. Its the greatest and cheapest universal technology widely available that can be easily protected and replaced when needed. 

Instead of trying to manufacture cheap PCs, we reuse old ones that are thrown away and widely available. The PC is stripped down from its hard-drive and operating system and serves as an empty body/shell. 

Share. Refurbished PCs are placed in a public space (classroom, library, community centre) and shared personally among many, removing the need for a computer per person. The user can connect his Keepod USB to any PC, use it privately and once removed, no trace is left behind.  

Keepod creates high impact at low cost. Acknowledging that this is a financial problem, Keepod needs to radically cut the PC cost. Respect to the cheapest PC solutions on the market, Keepod has 90% lower cost of ownership, 93% less time to deploy and 95% less labor to support. Its a game changer with no match.