keepod for business

work from anywhere.

keepod for business delivers a secure office-experience for any remotely working employee. with the new keepod, employees’ unsecured computers can be easily turned into trusted workstations, ensuring an uninterrupted and seamless workflow anywhere and at all times. 


business continuity.
on any pc. 

the keepod secured operating system was designed to be used from the usb device independently of the computer's original operating system so it does not require any installation on the concerned host device.
lightweight and fast, the keepod os elevates even old-fashion home pcs to a whole new level of performance to get everything done faster and more efficiently. 

enterprise integration.

keepod for business allows users to gain homogeneous access to the enterprises’ platforms and resources.
pre-configured settings and integrations to assure compatibility with leading vpn solutions, remote desktop, vdi, collaboration platforms, and more.


leave no trace.

keepod adopts a zero trust model to elevate enterprise security.
while information is being saved on the corporate backend, no data footprint is left on the host device or on the keepod device. all data is discarded at the end of the session reducing the risk of liabilities potentially arising from leaks of confidential or sensitive information 

  cost efficiency.

by offering a standardized, easy-to-use and cost efficient solution, keepod eliminates the need to standardize existing byod or to equip every employee with uniform take-home devices. the physical durability of the device combined with its affordable cost per unit results in significantly tco for companies.


achieve more with keepod secure remote working.

keepod for business is available as a software license (bring your own device) or as a ready to use appliance: including blazing fast high capacity flash memory, a usb 3.0 interface and a solid build. never compromise. 

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worldwide delivery.

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