introducing the new keepod PRV-21

because it’s nobody’s business what you do online.

say hello to the new keepod PRV-21 personal security device. start keepod’s complete os on any pc or mac, do what you want to do, leave no trace.

PRV-21 defends you against tracking and surveillance. you can use the internet anonymously and circumvent censorship.

all data is discarded at the end of the session so if your device falls to the wrong hands, it has no data and it can’t be associated to you.

using keepod on a computer doesn't alter or depend on the os installed on it. you can use it in the same way on your computer, a friend's computer, or one at your local library. you won't leave any trace of the keepod system itself or what you used it for.

lightweight and powerful it elevates even your old pc to a whole new level of performance to let you do everything faster and more efficiently.

launch info
keepod PRV-21 will be launched may 13th 2020. shipping starts may 29th.

29 USD. free international shipping.

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